List of products by brand Hemplix

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Because we in the CBD pharmacy know very well that there are now a large number of suppliers of products with CBD, it is important to us that our CBD brands are of selected quality. And the articles from Hemplix are without a doubt one of them. At Hemplix, care is taken during production that only hemp from organic cultivation in Thurgau is used to produce the high-quality CBD oil. Of course, pesticides and co. There are also no greenhouses, the hemp grows open in the field. So when you buy items from Hemplix in the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist for all cannabidiol products, then we guarantee you only the very highest quality.

Hemplix products made from female cannabis plants

The CBD oil, the CBD tea, the globules, the gel and the ointment are obtained exclusively from female hemp plants. These must not be pollinated by male plants in the field, which is why all male plants must be sorted out. Hemplix also keeps the hemp fields meticulously free of weeds and pests such as snails in order to guarantee healthy growth for the female hemp plants. In addition to the high-quality raw materials, Hemplix also pays attention to the production process, in which, for example, alcohol is avoided (this is definitely the case with some manufacturers). It is produced by extracting CO2 to prevent carbon residues from ending up in the oil. This guarantees a great, mild taste of the Hemplix products, which you can find in our range.