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  • CBD for sleep disorders
    CBD for sleep disorders

    Almost everyone knows them, some even have to deal with them on a regular basis: Sleep disorders can seriously shake everyday life. In the meantime, there is also increasing evidence that suggests that sleep could also benefit. For many people who suffer from persistent or acute sleep disorders, this may be a way to get more sleep and relaxation.

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    High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous common diseases of all. Anyone who has a lot of stress, consumes too much nicotine or alcohol, does not have a balanced diet or has hardly any exercise should change something quickly and get rid of these bad habits. In this regard, good news also comes from another corner: CBD could also help lower blood pressure.

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  • CBD for menstrual cramps
    CBD for menstrual cramps

    There is currently no drug with CBD for menstrual cramps, but taking CBD oil can be a gentle and herbal alternative to chemical pain relievers or hormone preparations to relieve menstrual pain.

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  • How does CBD help with stress?
    How does CBD help with stress?

    Most of us have suffered from stress at some point in our life or suffer from it on a daily basis. When stressed, the body activates everything in order to react to danger. If this alarm condition ends again, this is a useful mechanism. CBD has its permanent place in pharmacies, is medically recognized and can provide relaxation in times of stress.

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  • CBD for anxiety disorders
    CBD for anxiety disorders

    Anxiety disorders can cause palpitations, palpitations, sweating and tremors. How can CBD work against it?

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  • Does CBD Help Cats With Stress And Arthritis?
    Does CBD Help Cats With Stress And Arthritis?

    Some people develop a tendency to make life better with a pet. Fish, hamsters, budgies - for many of us, life is more comfortable when you take care of an animal. Half a million dogs lived in Switzerland in 2020, that's a lot. This number is only significantly exceeded by cats, of which there are said to be around 1.7 million in Switzerland. And like their keepers, they can get sick. And then?

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